Liftoff Virtual Cards

When even fast isn't fast enough, use Liftoff Virtual Cards to instantly generate a virtual card—a randomly generated number formatted for processing through payment networks like MasterCard and Visa. Our offerings include virtual debit cards, virtual credit cards, virtual cards for business, business virtual debit cards, and commercial virtual debit cards.
With fast, easy API implementation, fraud prevention, and real-time funding, Liftoff Virtual Cards are a crucial addition for our customers and commercial relationships. Virtual cards provide peace of mind to your mobile-centric customers and security-minded shoppers, offering extra protection through a unique account number for every transaction. Customers can start using our cards even before the physical card arrives in the mail. Our virtual cards also ensure continuity of service for customers waiting for replacement cards.
Virtual debit cards are particularly beneficial for new customers, offering seamless integration with existing financial systems, improved budget management, and enhanced security features. Businesses can streamline their expense management processes, control spending with customizable limits, and gain real-time insights into transaction activity. By adopting Liftoff virtual debit and credit cards, companies can enhance operational efficiency, reduce fraud risk, and provide a superior payment experience to their clients.

Virtual Cards Benefits


Instantly issue digital cards across employees.


See spend as it happens with realtime reporting.


Add to Pay or G Pay for secure, contactless payments.


Sync charges with budgets and expense categories for easy reconciliation.