instantly sends funds

To customer's card
With a branded prepaid card
or with print &mail

Times Are Changing. Let Your Customer Choose.

Managing cash disbursements and escheatment is not only burdensome, but it’s expensive and carries a great deal of liability. Digital Disbursement drastically reduces your time & cost through a single platform, offering consumers multiple funding options. Plus, liftoffcard absorbs the risk and escheatment responsibilities, leaving you compliant and confident.

  • Disburse to Debit Card

    Send a virtual or physical Debit Mastercard© to any email
    address or mobile number via text message

  • ACH

    Disburse funds to checking or savings accounts
    at a fraction of the cost

  • Push-to-Debit Payments

    Send funds in real-time to any debit card/account

  • Disburse to Check

    We print checks in our facility and mail them t
    the consumer on your behalf.

Simple, Turn-Key Solution

Drastically reduce the time and cost associated with funds disbursement and escheatment through a single platform.


Payment info sent to Liftoff via API or batch: name, email and/or phone number, amount owed, etc.


Liftoff sends funding notification via email and/or SMS to the recipient. The recipient then selects their preferred payout option.


Liftoff notifies you that payment to the recipient is complete. Escheated funds are no longer a liability on your balance sheet.

Why Digital Disbursement?

Reduce costs and time by sending funds electronically

Single integration point to streamline disbursements

Mitigates liabilities associated with escheatment

Increase customer adoption and retention through convenient fund disbursement options

Send funds at your convenience in real-time

Liftoff Commercial Card Agreement