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We are a partner that helps you streamline your productivity,recruiting, and savings.

Employees prefer direct deposit to other payroll options to improve their financial well-being, and are more likely to stay with your business and recommend you to others when they have them. Giving employees strong financial tools help boost workplace performance, and our paycard product can help make your process more efficient.

Save time on your payroll process by cutting and distributing fewer checks, and every direct deposit can save your company between $2.87 - $3.50 vs a paper check.

Paycard Features:

  • Reloadable Debit Card. Convenience and savings for employees.
  • Loaded each pay period the same as direct deposit.
  • Employees have free online access to statements and account balances.
  • Pay employees anytime, even on holidays, days off, or during disasters.
  • Cards are quickly and easily replaced if lost or stolen. Plus employees will have access to our virtual cards.

Paycard Benefits:

  • Easy to implement web-based solution-no hardware or software required.
  • Loaded each pay period the same as direct deposit.
  • No credit checks and no prior bank relationship are required. Reduces the time and costs associated withpaper payroll check processing.
  • Eliminates costs associated with lost, stolen, off-cycle, or fraudulent checks and associated processing.

A more secure, cost-effective alternative to paychecks!

With electronic payroll delivery, 100% electronic pay is within reach. Streamline wage payments and reduce administration costs while giving your employees a service that includes our patented Network Check software, optional Card and Mobile App to access and manage wages.

Digital Disbursers

Send payments to specific individuals or hundreds of employees instantly!

Streamline Payroll Administration

Simplify your payment strategy and optimize costs with up to 100% electronic payment delivery with an industry leader.

Save Money and Time

Our comprehensive portfolio of solutions helps businesses replace paper checks, ACH fees and wire cost!

Great for employees without a bank account

Make payday more accessible to your employees, even if they don't have a bank account. With a payroll card, workers can use their paycheck instantly, and they can avoid expensive check-chasing fees. It's secure, fast and wont cost you anything extra!


The cards are like debit cards that can be used to withdraw cash at ATM's.

Widely Accepted

Like a traditional debit card, the Liftoff payroll cards can be used anywhere MasterCard and Visa is accepted.

Payroll cards help with debt avoidance

The cards don't allow employees to take on debt so their credit rating may improve.


Employees don't have to worry about stopping by the workplace to pick up their check or making it to the bank or check-chasing location in time.


If the card is stolen or lost, Liftoff payroll program is FDIC insures and employee's funds are protected.

Liftoff vs. other corporate cards

Why do Liftoff customers love it so much? Could be how well we stack up against corporate cards.


  • No annual or initiation fees
  • Free-to-use software platform
  • Stable credit lines
  • Automated expense management
  • As many physical & virtual cards as you need
  • Budgets with built-in spend controls
  • Real-time tracking
  • Integrations with apps you use already

Other corporate cards may

  • Have annual & monthly fees
  • Offer fixed rewards
  • Have to be used in combination with othersoftware like Expensify, Concour, Excel, etc.
  • Have less predictable credit lines (usuallydetermined by cash in the account)
  • Require tedious, manual expense management
  • Allow for virtual cards (or may not)
  • Offer a limited number of cards
  • Not have spending locks or tracking

Powerful Payroll Cards


Travel Happy With No Foreign Fees


Enjoy Physical Cards For Every Member Of Your Team.


Add Your Logo To A Sleek Mastercard Business World
Elite Card.


Set Rules And Permissions Per Card To Auto-Supervise Spend.