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Our MCA empowers you to strategize for a prosperous future. Gain swift access to the working capital essential for expanding your business

Helping To Grow Our Nation’s Economic Lifeblood

There is no doubt that small and mid-sized businesses are largely responsible for the health of our economy and the great majority of new jobs are created in this sector. The professionals at Liftoff have decades of experience in helping companies find the right funding program to meet their unique business needs. No matter what your business funding requirements happen to be, we will put together a custom-made solution to help accomplish your goals.

Liftoff Funding Group has a quick approval process for those in need of a merchant cash advance. Offering the best rates and service in the industry, we understand the urgency when a business is in need of an MCA. The process is fast, straightforward, and doesn’t require a ton of paperwork. With Liftoff, a business owner can apply for an MCA and, if approved, funds will be deposited into their business checking account quickly—often within 24-72 hours after approval.

Small & Medium Sized Business Funding Specialists Our unique and highly flexible funding programs are the perfect fit for any business, regardless of size or industry. Once you are approved, funds can be used for any business purpose, including:

  • Expansion Plans
  • Purchase Inventory
  • Bridging Receivables
  • Ease Payroll Cash Flow
  • Seasonal Cash Flow Needs
  • New Machinery or Equipment
  • Purchase Land and New Building

Indeed, merchant cash advances (MCAs) can be a viable option for businesses that rely heavily on credit card sales and need quick access to working capital. Unlike traditional loans, MCAs offer a streamlined application process and provide funds swiftly, which can be crucial for businesses with urgent cash flow needs. One of the key benefits of MCAs is their flexibility in repayment. Instead of fixed monthly payments, repayments are based on a percentage of future credit card sales or receivables for the business. This variable payment structure can be advantageous for businesses with fluctuating revenue, such as seasonal businesses or those with unpredictable sales cycles. For businesses with high credit card sales volume, MCAs can provide an efficient way to access capital without the need for extensive credit checks or collateral. However, it's essential for business owners to carefully consider the terms and fees associated with MCAs, as they can sometimes be more expensive compared to traditional loans. Evaluating the overall cost and impact on cash flow is crucial before deciding to pursue a merchant cash advance. add to the right of this section above,

Adaptable Payment Structure

Payments are automatically computed as a percentage of the business's credit card sales or other revenue receivables.

Projected Conclusion Date

Payments are determined by the business's receivables, eliminating the need for a fixed payment term.

Expenses and Charges

Receivables are acquired at a reduced rate, with potential fees deducted from the advanced amount.

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