Liftoff MCA Debit Program is taking the risk out of MCA Lending!

Our MCA debt program is designed to be a win, win for thelenders! When you provide your merchants with a Liftoff card,you control the funding. Cash Advance for first time clients is ahuge risk of the client not paying on time, reacurring NSF andbank fees, or, in some cases, not paying the advance back at all.

Liftoff's debit card program allows you to provide the merchantwith money instantly, securely, and most importantly, how muchof the advance is allowed to be spent on a daily, weekly, andmonthly basis. Essentially, securing your funding investmentuntil the merchant provides a proven payment history!

MCA card program not only allows the funder to control the spending limits but allows you to authorize transactions that you authorize the merchant to make. Liftoff allows you to be in the full control and provides a valuable MCA debt management solution.

Liftoff allows your company to issue checks directly to your merchants' vendors and pay for items meant for business purposes only! Making certain that the merchant is properly using the funds and this a tried and true strategy for helping your MCA business grow and maintain clients!

A merchant management platform that scales with your growing business.

Card-first but solution-fucused. Liftoff-powered technology empowers you to smarter underwriting decisions and enables you to secure your financial lending without compromising your ability to do business. Because our product is scalable, you can easily manage everything from underwriting to controlling what kind of spending your merchants do.

  • Powerful software for financial leaders:

    • Bank Statement Analysis
    • Application Status Tracking
    • Automated Background Checks
    • Rapid Underwriting and Boarding
    • Automated Application Submission
  • An intuitive card solution for merchants:

    • Send money instantly
    • Virtual and physical cards
    • Real-time alerts and locks
    • Mastercard zero liability for fraud
  • 80%

    less manual data entry
    and process

  • 4x

    faster average

  • 4.5%

    lower default rate

Prevent Fraud. Limit Risk. Protect Your Investment.

Equip merchants with cards that manage spend, encourage accountability, and curb out fraud.

Unlimited Issuance

Assign virtual or physical cards to each client, vendor, or ad channel safely.

Built-In Controls

Set custom limits and restrictions per card to supervise spend. Change, lock or cancel a card any time.