Hospitality Industry

The Card Associations have recently increased interchange, dues, and assessments for the first time in years. According to Reuters, this move is anticipated to result in a minimum 10% rise in merchant processing fees for small businesses.
Avoid falling victim to this. Allow one of our Analysts to examine your existing merchant processing fees to confirm that they are not subject to inappropriate markups.


We specialize in crafting and tailoring a digital payment experience designed to expedite payments, enhance risk management, and optimize processing efficiency. Seamlessly integrate your practice management system with cutting-edge payment processing solutions.
Are you considering same-day, third-party payments? Connect us with your participating plan administrators, and we'll facilitate the implementation.

Public Sector

The public sector presents distinctive requirements in electronic payment processing. Allow Liftoff Solutions to assist you in navigating the intricacies of:

  • Public Sector Merchant Category Code Registration
  • Integration with ERP Systems
  • Collection and Management of Convenience Fees
  • Enhancing the End User Experience

Drawing from our experience in aiding public sector entities with tax collection, utility management, toll automation, kiosk installation, tuition collection, and more, our dedicated public sector director stands prepared to guide you through a successful bidding process aimed at modernizing your payment systems.


We specialize in developing and tailoring digital payment solutions that accelerate payment processing, enhance risk management, and optimize overall efficiency. Achieve seamless integration of your ERP System with cutting-edge payment processing solutions, aiming to attain Level III Interchange rate levels. A fully integrated and Level III optimized payment platform can result in a reduction of merchant processing fees by over 0.50%.

Payroll Services

Payroll Services With over 95% of Americans nationwide preferring direct deposit for their paychecks, we ensure seamless facilitation whether you're a payroll company managing payments for clients or handling internal payroll for your own employees. Our batch upload file acceptance feature allows for easy uploading of NACHA files and CSV files into our web portal with just a click. Inquire about our no-fee payroll cards for added convenience!

Property Management

For property management companies, efficient rent collection and vendor payments are essential tasks. Our proprietary web portal simplifies these processes, along with other payment-related tasks like security deposit collection. Easily schedule recurring transactions, organize tenants by building, and access reports with ease!

Membership Services

ACH is an ideal payment solution for monthly membership services, thanks to its established relationship, the recurring nature of the products or services provided, and the convenience of avoiding repetitive payment submissions or collections. Whether it's a subscription for your customers' pet care packages or replenishing your clients' razor blades, integrating ACH as a payment option is a straightforward choice.

Associations Membership

Associations Membership associations enjoy significant advantages when processing with us for conference dues, monthly or annual membership renewals, and advertising-related transactions. Our intuitive web portal provides a secure and convenient platform for seamless transactions with your members!"