Liftoff Solutions: Unlocking Instant ACH for Your Business

Say Goodbye to Wait Times, Hello to Instant ACH

Liftoff Solutions revolutionizes the speed and efficiency of your financial transactions. We banish the days of delayed ACH and usher in an era of instant ACH settlement for 100% of your transactions.

Unleash the Power of Instant Payments

Gain unparalleled access to a world of instant payment rails. Our solution seamlessly connects you to the Automated Clearing House and The Federal Reserve, opening doors to a diverse array of services:

  • Real-Time Payments (RTP)
  • FedNow
  • Liftoff Instant Settlement

These options dramatically expand your ACH transaction capabilities, propelling you forward in the financial technology landscape.

Simplify Your Journey to Instant Payments

Don't let concerns about adoption rates or the complexity of building FedNow and RTP integrations slow you down. Our user-friendly API empowers you to:

  • Enhance transaction speed and reliability
  • Boost user satisfaction

By integrating with Liftoff Solutions, you're not just adopting a payment system; you're investing in a future of streamlined, secure, and cutting-edge payment processes.

Embrace Complete Instant Payment Coverage

Leave behind worries about adoption rates and integration complexities. Liftoff Solutions automatically expands your payment coverage as bank adoption of RTP and FedNow increases. We handle the intricacies, letting you focus on what matters most – your business.

No API? No Problem

Simply send us your flat file, and we'll take care of the rest. Our streamlined process ensures a hassle-free experience, allowing you to leverage our powerful solutions without extensive technical knowledge.

Unmatched 100% ACH Coverage

Liftoff Solutions' ACHNow service provides instant processing for all your ACH transactions, offering unmatched speed and complete coverage unlike other solutions that only handle a fraction.

Simplify Payment Collection with Push/Pull Capabilities

ACH Pulls can be a challenge. ACHNow harnesses the latest Request for Payment (RfP) technology, streamlining and simplifying the process of collecting immediate payments.

Supercharge Your Transactions, Minimize Risks

Liftoff Solutions optimizes every payment with a proprietary machine-learning algorithm. This intelligent system directs your transactions through the most efficient and cost-effective rail, ensuring settlement within seconds.

With guaranteed settlement for ACH payments via FedNow and RTP, Liftoff Solutions eliminates chargeback risks, providing a secure and reliable transaction experience.

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